Best Restaurants in Ann Arbor, MI - 2019

by Hank Greene from Rent Like a Champion

Ann Arbor, Michigan - home to the University of Michigan, and one of the very best college towns in the country.

And like any great college town, it's steeped in both tradition... as well as some absolutely fantastic food for students, locals, and, of course, travelers coming in to experience one of college football's most incredible game day experiences.

But with plenty of options to choose from, you'd be forgiven for not being sure exactly which option to choose. So to help make your weekend in Ann Arbor even better, here are a few of our favorite places to grab a bite on game day...

Moving on to the restaurant that goes back the farthest - Knight's Steakhouse began as a market and deli in 1952, and has become one of Ann Arbor's most treasured culinary traditions.

With two locations - one on East Liberty and one on Dexter Avenue - Knight's is an old school kind of spot, with some traditional American fare like delicious burgers and deli sandwiches, along with your classic cuts of steak and a slow-roasted prime rib you'll go bananas for.

From the fans: "Great service and great meals. 14 of us enjoyed our time together and we were able to order from a large menu with a large variety of options. I was astonished to see the food was prepared so quickly! I will be back for the large filet mignon again... and again."

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