Knight's Kitchen

Knight's Kitchen

Want a great meal without all the work? Knight’s Kitchen is the perfect solution if you are looking for fresh, fully cooked meals to go. We highlight local meats, produce and pastas in our dishes. Most of our sauces, soups, dressings, baked goods and desserts are house-made on site in our kitchen. If you like the idea of letting somebody else do the cooking, and you appreciate high-quality, local food, then stop by or call Knight’s Kitchen to see “What’s for Dinner!”

The Basics

Every week we highlight several fully cooked, prepared meals. There will usually be a beef option, a chicken option, a vegetarian option and a seafood option. We also have a variety of fresh garden salads, homemade soups, Knight's famous rolls and tasty desserts.

Serving Sizes

Most of our meals will come in two sizes. We will have a “Double” size, which is enough to feed two adults or an adult and two children. A “Single” size would be enough for one adult. If you would like to feed four adults or two adults and two children, you can purchase two “Doubles.”

Frozen Meals

In addition to our weekly menu, we also have a variety of meals in our freezer. Please call us to see what we currently have available.

Large Groups

If you have a big group to feed, please call the store. We would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. We can put together a “Family” size that will feed six, eight, twelve or even a larger size. Just give us a call!


5060 Jackson Rd, Suite D

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103


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We would be happy to put aside an order for you to pick up if you call our store.


We deliver anywhere in the Ann Arbor area for a delivery fee of $10.00. Just call us at 734.222.9210 to set up your order!