Deals of the Year 2014: Knight's Steakhouse

By Lizzy Alfs |

Posted Oct 2, 2014

The Knight family brought new life to their popular, 30-year-old restaurant concept with the opening of a Knight’s Steakhouse in downtown Ann Arbor.

The opening of the restaurant at 600 E. Liberty St., in the former flagship Borders store, came 61 years after Ray Knight opened Knight’s Market at 420 Miller Ave., and 30 years after he purchased Annie’s Dugout at 2324 Dexter Ave., opening the now-iconic Knight’s Steakhouse. There is also a Knight’s Steakhouse location in Jackson, Mich.

The downtown Knight’s location has a more modern feel than the original Knight’s Steakhouse on Dexter Avenue, in response to the increase of student and young professional clientele.

“The first thing is that there’s no carpet on the walls,” said Dan Sutter, who manages the restaurant with his wife, Susie. “It’s just a slightly more modern feel for obvious reasons. Dexter Avenue has been open for 30 years — there’s a lot of old time wear and tear on that building.”

There are 12 beers on tap downtown, 42 different bottled beers and a more extensive wine list than the Knight's on Dexter Avenue. The new location also has a few menu additions, such as a black bean burger.

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